Taste Me Best, Swad Me Sarvashresth


Purpose of A1 Chat Masala

In the Indian history, the spices hold a special place to provide an aroma and taste in the food. Have you ever imagined that how your food will taste without all these spices?

Kishanlal Gruh udhyog has been successful in providing the perfect taste in food and beverages to satisfy the "Chatpatta" type craving for millions of people. In other words we can say that it provides a better flavour in cold drinks, buttermilk, lemon juice, orange juice, sandwich, pizza, salads, chips, french fries and all types of fruits.

About A1 Chat Masala

Kishanlal Gruh Udhyog was setup in 1999 in Bhavnagar and launched its first product as A1 Chat Masala Sprinkler.

The company started with a small number of people manually grinding the spices but looking at the demand of the product in the market they were forced to switch over to the automated machines for producing larger quantity of the product to meet the expectations and demand of A1 Chat Masala.

The Spices are bought directly from the producers to maintain the taste and the dignity of the product in the market. The quality of the spices are first tested then cleaned and dried properly with the help of machines. The filtered spices are then finished into the making of A1 Chat Masala Sprinkler with the help of automated machines.

Kishanlal Gruh udhyog wants to appreciate and applaud each and everyone who have contributed in achieving the prestige position in the market with same love and care for more than 19 years. Kishanlal Gruh Udhyog wants the associates, workers, stack-holders, dealers, distributors, well-wishers and all the near and dear one's who have willing supported the product to continuously work together and to achieve much greater position in the growing market.


  • Black Salt
  • Coriander
  • Black Papper
  • Cumin
  • Amchar
  • Asefoetida
  • Mint Powder
  • Limbful


Be-aware of the duplicate products available in the market.

Original A1 Chat Masala is only produced in kishanlal Gruh Udhyog at Bhavnagar

Refer the images to check the signs of original product